You want to help the local community, but you don’t know how to get started.

Your to-do list is getting longer and longer without the additional research necessary to find an organization who is ready, willing and able to take advantage of your volunteers.  Volunteers who are only available at a specific time and date.

Even then, can you be sure the activity and organization aligns with your event’s values?

It can be difficult to plan a community service project as part of a conference or event, especially in a new location every year.  We know, we’ve been there.  In the spirit of turning a challenge into an opportunity, MeetGreen has joined forces with Give2Get (formerly CorpsGiving) to help meeting and event professionals organize and produce service projects in conjunction with their events.

Whether it’s repackaging food for the hungry, building houses, reading to kids, or cleaning the ocean, we can alleviate the headache of planning and organizing by making it easy to give back to the community!  These projects will engage attendees, benefit the organization, and strengthen the local community while providing a fun and meaningful event experience. With MeetGreen’s 20+ years of sustainable event planning experience along with Give2Get’s 15+ years of volunteer organization experience, our team puts planners in the industry’s best hands.

MeetGreen and Give2Get would like to simplify the process and ensure each group has a caring and positive CSR experience. No matter where in the world your event is being held, we are ready to help by making it easy to help you provide helping hands.

For further information and case studies, take a look at the website