Alright, so we take recycling seriously here at MeetGreen.  It’s what we do.  We thought this shared mission was a human characteristic our employees share.  Until yesterday.

Long story short, our “office dog”, an old yellow lab, passed away at the end of the year.   The Portland Office missed having her around to greet us every morning and warm our feet in the winter.  Several weeks ago, we rescued a 12 year-old black lab named Lucy who is learning the roles and responsibilities of being the MeetGreen Office Dog.

Yesterday, when the sun broke through long enough for a lunchtime walk, Lucy and I headed out.  Along the way she spotted an empty plastic water bottle in the street and made a mad dash to pick it up.  She carried that bottle the entire walk and refused to drop it until she was back in the office.  Lucy watched smugly as it was put in the recycling bin.

As the team cheered (and laughed hysterically), she earned her place among this crazy crew.   Next trick, learning to sort for a three-stream recycling system.


Photo credit:  Please, no credit here, she was dancing around so much with the prized water bottle it was impossible it get a great photo.