In my last post, I discussed simplifying sustainable meetings and events. I offered that by choosing just one green meeting practice you can always accomplish, you can make a difference without being overwhelmed.

Let’s take a look at the steps to take if recycling at your events was your choice for the consistent green practice.

1. Every RFP for meeting venues and accommodations will ask potential vendors:

  • Do you have a recycling program in place?
  • Which of the following items do you recycle: cardboard, paper, metal, plastic (which numbers), glass or others?
  • Can you measure the recycling diversion rates for my meeting and report back?

2. Select the vendor with a recycling program in place or is able to implement one for your meeting. Of course, in addition to the other considerations.

3. During the site inspection, require a back-of-house tour including the loading docks to confirm the recycling program is in place. Observe the waste and recycling containers available in the guest areas.

4. Confirm that recycling is happening during the event and collect measurements from the venue.

5. Use this data to develop a baseline of waste reduction and share your story with others!

Five simple steps! That’s it. Sure, we can go on to make it more complicated, but it isn’t required until you are ready.