With four graduations in our family this spring, “completion” has been a prominent theme around our house. Each of the graduates has proudly marched across the stage, received hearty congratulations and set out to celebrate their individual accomplishments over the past four years.

It occurs to me, many of us in the sustainable meeting industry have done the same. We worked very hard to research, learn and integrate green meeting practices. We have started green teams, improved waste management, cut down on energy use and made more responsible purchasing decisions. Just like the graduates, we may have received recognition for saving time, money and the environment and celebrated our success.

At home, (as soon as the parties ended) each of our graduating students started looking toward the future, eagerly anticipating the lessons awaiting them. Whether college, graduate school, or entering the business world, graduation in their eyes is the start of the next level of learning. They are enthusiastically embracing changes still to come, not resting on their latest achievement.

What about sustainable meetings? Are we eager to continue the momentum we have created or do we think we have “checked it off the list?” I would like to believe we are like Michelangelo who was quoted as saying…

“I am still learning.”