No, this isn’t one of those “birds and bees” talks unless we are talking about how nature, the environment AND business will benefit from traits long known as “feminine.” In her article, Gender and the Sustainable Brain, Andrea Learned explains that traits like empathy, a focus on communication and social connections also seem to be at the root of sustainable personal and organizational behavior.

In fact, Learned says, “Empathy may be key to promoting sustainability. When a person is in the habit of considering the well-being of others as she makes her own decisions, she is more likely to anticipate the longer term and broader implications of each choice or opportunity.”

Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface Inc., a global leader in sustainable business, writes in his book, Mid-Course Correction, “Caring for human capital and natural capital (Earth) as much as we have traditionally cared for financial capital will give social equity and environmental stewardship their rightful places alongside economic progress, and move society to reinvent the means for achieving economic progress itself.”