Probably the hardest tip of all…

Remember it is a journey!

Our project team gathered this week to talk about the conferences we mangaged during 2009. What worked and what didn’t. While client evaluations are high, we are probably much harder on ourselves during this process.

For instance, we have a new reporting system on our office wiki which worked but needs some refinement. We are learning a lot more about communicating with each other as our team is now virtual in five different locations and a variety of time zones. And even though our green meeting practices increased during the past year, there are still areas we need to focus on.

We have noticed a trend with green meeting practices for organizations pick off the “low hanging fruit” and get comfortable there. It is easy to do and we see it in our own work. One of our project managers said, “It is time to remind ourselves yet again that it is indeed a journey. We have accomplished so much, now it is time to move to the next level. What can we strive for in 2010?”

Remember IT IS a journey…what is your next step?