It was interesting to read the recent column, “What Have You Done This Year to Cut Costs at Your Meetings?” in October’s Association Meetings Magazine.

Planners talked about their cost cutting measures over the past year. The exciting part is that many of the actions they took this year were also green meeting practices. For example:

Bonnie Wallsh, Bonnie Wallsh Associates LLC, reports…

“Rather than hard copies, attendees were given zip drives containing conference handouts.
We met with the chef and asked him to recommend a menu using our budget and attendee information and to take advantage of local produce and what was in season.”

Maryanne Bobrow, Bobrow & Associates talked about the 2009 International Textile and Apparel Association Conference where…

“Using recycled materials reduced costs but was presented as being socially responsible.
We used a social responsibility keynote speaker from the local area.
We did not print and mail a preliminary program, but instead posted everything on line.”

The article was about cost cutting. Saving the environment was a nice benefit!