If you are like the rest of us, the economy is forcing you decide between industry conferences to attend. If you can only pick one, treat yourself to the 2010 Sustainable Meetings Conference in February.

It is an experience like you will never have at another industry conference (in my humble opinion). First of all the sense of community forged by having a common goal of making a difference is unparalleled. It breaks down barriers immediately! The folks I have met at the conference over the years are open, willing to share information and are very supportive.

Just this week I had a call from a fellow planner I met years ago at a conference who had a question about how we worked with caterers on keeping organic food within budget. She knew we shared a vision and wasn’t afraid to pick up the phone.

Seriously, you will leave with the tools you need and re-energized by your passionate peers to make it happen. Take my word for it and treat yourself to the conference, and I will treat you to a cup of coffee on the last day to hear all about it!