The International Association of Conference Centers has a new Code of Sustainability for its members which assesses the following areas:

Education, Awareness and Public Declaration
Waste Management
Water Conservation
Energy Management
Air Quality
Food & Beverage

By signing the Code of Sustainability, IACC members certify that their organization: (1) has agreed to sustain and support IACC’s Environmental Policy; (2) has adopted and currently adheres to at least 75% of the code; and (3) willingly joins other member organizations that have signed the code in an assocaition-wide effort to continually strive for greater sustainability.

Members that have signed the Code of Sustainability are recognized in three tiers: To qualify for the Platinum tier, they have 100% of the code’s practices in place; for Gold tier, 85% of the practices are in place; and for the Silver tier, 75% of the practices are in place.

To make it easy for planners to find venues with environmental practices, they have provided a list along with their ranking. Here is a link to those sustainable Conference Centers: