Sustainable Meetings Make Good Sense

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 You’ve heard that green meetings cost more, right?  In many cases, it’s just not true!  We’ve compiled a list of environmental AND cost savings realized as a result of sustainable meeting practices, driven by MeetGreen® and our clients to share with you.

They save carbon: More meetings, less emissions, you say?

April Newsletter-BikesCarbon-smart meetings provide experience choices that enable in-person and remote attendees to participate on their own terms. By thinking strategically about experience options for different types of attendees, one MeetGreen® client avoided 10,000 metric tons of emissions by inviting 5,700 technical experts to participate virtually in an event for 1,600 in-person attendees. That’s the equivalent of taking 2,000 cars off the road for a year!

In over 10 years of working with MeetGreen®, the Unitarian Universalist Association has reduced their meetings per participant carbon footprint by 18%. This was made possible by reducing landfill waste, eliminating ground shuttles, and choosing destinations with sustainability infrastructure that are closer to attendees.

Since 2008, sustainable event practices, like waste reduction and selection of a more accessible event destination city, have helped Canada Media Marketplace reduce their carbon footprint by 66%.

Over 79,000 gallons of diesel fuel saved by another MeetGreen® client from consolidated shipping is the equivalent of 9.3 tanker trucks worth of gasoline saved.


They reduce waste: That’s stuff you, your sponsors and exhibitors may not need in the first place!

MeetGreen® has helped Unitarian Universalist Association to improve sustainable practices in incremental and tangible cansways, including reducing materials used by 20% and waste produced by 72% since 2008.  Waste-wise tips have also helped reduce costs by $354,971 since 2007!

Oracle OpenWorld has reduced total event waste since 2009 by the equivalent of 99 truckloads.  That breaks down to 23 truckloads of trash from source reduction and mindful purchasing and 76 truckloads due to improved onsite management practices.

They save water: The fishies – and people living with drought – will thank you!

In 2013, MeetGreen® avoided the use of 640,000 individual water bottles at events we’ve managed. This helped conserve fish64,000 gallons of water, or enough to brew nearly 1 million cups of coffee, not to mention the cost savings!

By promoting water-wise catering and guest room practices, MeetGreen®’s client, IMEX America, has reduced their water footprint at the event venue by 16%.

In another example a MeetGreen® client has kept 59,100 disposable water bottles out of landfill since eliminating them from their China conference in 2011. If you stacked those bottles up end to end it would stretch 18 times the height of the Ping An Finance Centre – planned to be the tallest building in China!


They save MONEY!   And who doesn’t like saving money?!

Overall, MeetGreen® has saved clients over $5.3 million in net cost savings due to sustainable practices since 2008.

MeetGreen®’s conference management team saved clients more than $154,000 in 2013 through various tactics, such as moneycareful management of food & beverage charges, strategic printing reductions, and creative transportation solutions.

By focusing on training and mentoring, Oracle has engaged over 150 staff who managed over 2,300 small- to medium-size events globally, resulting in more than $565,000 in net savings.


They provide unique opportunities for reputation through volunteer and CSR projects:  Good will is a good thing!

handsIf planned properly, you can tap into your organization’s overall philanthropic commitments, engage attendees, and leave a positive legacy, all in one swoop!

IMEX America found a way to create synergies between three Las Vegas charities, generating over $5,000 in cash donations, plus donated artwork, supplies, and volunteer time, as a result of their Las Vegas show.

In 2011, MeetGreen® helped raise $1,500 for the BC Cancer Agency through Get Your Green On, a fun, engaging event sustainability game that challenged Event Camp Vancouver attendees to reduce their event footprint and raise funds for charity.

We’d love to hear about yours!  Tweet your cost and/or environmental savings using the hashtag #greenstorming or email us at

Interested in finding out about environmental and cost savings you may be able to achieve for your meetings?  MeetGreen® can help.  Contact us!  Email: ~ Phone:  503.252.5458

By Della Green and Shawna McKinley

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