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MeetGreen® has been leading the way in sustainable meeting management since 1994. Use MeetGreen®'s expertise in meeting technology, educational sessions and green meetings as your competitive edge. Whether or not being sustainable is your focus, we use our unique approach and knowledge to your advantage to ensure your events save you time and money.

We work around the world on all sizes of events. We have offices and team members in Portland Oregon; New York; Washington D.C.; and Vancouver B.C. Canada.

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  • Business Lessons From 20 Years in the Event Industry

    They say if you start a business and it is still in business five years later, you are a success.  I would add, if you start a business and twenty years later you are still engaged, excited and passionate about what the company brings to ...

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  • Event Planning 101 – The Dirty Dozen for the First Time Planner

    When holding any meeting or event, it’s critical to review the basics: Why are we meeting?  With events that occur annually or regularly, we often forget to go back and revisit why we’re meeting.  What is the outcome we expect? What are we or the attendees expecting to experience?  How do we want to deliver the ...

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  • MeetGreen® Resource Kit Video and Samples Available

    The MeetGreen Resource Kit is a set of documents and tools designed to make sustainable meeting planning easier. The Kit is filled with tested, useful forms, checklists, best practice guidelines and contract language to use with your vendors. The kit is designed for you to save time and instill a sense of confidence in asking the ...

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  • Sustainable Meetings Make Good Sense

        You’ve heard that green meetings cost more, right?  In many cases, it’s just not true!  We’ve compiled a list of environmental AND cost savings realized as a result of sustainable meeting practices, driven by MeetGreen® and our clients to share with you. They save carbon: More meetings, less emissions, you say?

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